So, was only J.W. Bush responsability?

Hi readers,

I'm quite bewildered... I cannot understand many things from the last meeting in Poznan about world'climatic situation... Our handsome prime mininster Silvio Berlusconi said that finally, all the members of UE have what they want, an agreement that all the states inside the community wanted from long time. He talked about the main role that the Italian government had during the the meeting. Well yeah, finally it will be a reduction of the 20% of the gas emission up to 2020. Whoa, that's amazing. I'm in love with the charme of Silvio. But I'm askin' to myself a couple of things: why during the Bush' emperor all these kind of agreement were not taken in consideration? Why our beautiful anchor man totally in line with George W. Bush, decided only now to take strict positions about the world'climatic situation? Well I really cannot understand what's changed in few months... Perhaps was only the evil and the power of George that was driving all the human thoughts! Poor other countries! I'm still reluctant to admit it. It was simply the easiest way to take. And now with the new president Obama, all the world will have a change just because he begun to talk about climate. We are poor sheeps, that's it. And it's really sad!


Without you I'm napping radio presentation

Yo mates,

next tuesday ( 16/12) we'll be on air here for the presentation of our brand new stuff with an interview.

The network is called Urlatori alla sbarra and will start at 8 p.m. (local time).

When you are into the site of the radio, you have to click on ASCOLTA LA RADIO, then choose your streaming player and that's all! ;)
Stay [de]tuned,


The Lyrics.

Hey dudes, I've decided to write here the lyrics of the new e.p. "Without you I'm napping".

Sing with us! :-D


Chlorine blue.

Chlorine blue inside my throat.

The remote control I've supposed to have

smells of all the small victories I had, but it's not enough.

So I hope you'll see me.
August 2008.

Cannibalism next door.

What are you talking about?

I cannot listen all these bullshits,

it's not easy anymore, it's not easy anymore,

put yourself in front of me, so boring.

Don't, don't, don't keep your eyes closed.

The lies you would not admit, to yourself,

will eat you!
September 2008.


News from the radios

Hey dudes,
in the last couple of days we've been on air here and here (05/12 podcast, not yet online).
Special thanx to Federico and Marco.



Davide' Playlist/Giglist etc... 2008


01. FUCK BUTTONS - Street Horrrsing (ATP02. THE DECLINING WINTER - Goodbye Minnesota (Rusted Rail)
03. BON IVER - For Emma, Forever Ago (Jagjaguwar/4AD)
04. FLYING LOTUS - Los Angeles (Warp)
05. OFFLAGA DISCO PAX - Bachelite (Santeria)
06. DEERHUNTER - Microcastle/Weird cont. era (Kranky/4AD)
07. PORTISHEAD - Third (Island)
08. NO AGE - Nouns (Sub Pop)
09. DEPARTMENT OF EAGLES - In ear park (4AD)
10. BENGA - Diary Of An Afro Warrior (Tempa)


01. A CLASSIC EDUCATION - First EP (Self Released)

02. TIMES NEW VIKING - Rip it off (Matador)
03. VIVIAN GIRLS - S/t (In The Red)
04. THE BOATS - Faulty toned radio (Flau)
05. BEACH HOUSE - Devotion (Carpark/Bella Union)
06. FOALS - Antidotes (Transgressive/ Warner)
07. GREGOR SAMSA - Rest (The Kora)
08. NEPTUNE - Gong Lake (Table Of Elements)
09. FOU - Procurarsi guanxi (Novunque)
10. ABE VIGODA - Skeleton (Post Present Medium/Bella Union


01. BROADCAST - Tender Buttons (Warp) 2005

02. A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS - S/t (Killer Pimp) 2007
03. BEACH BOYS - Pet sounds (Capitol) 1966
04. P.I.L. - Metal box (Virgin) 1979
05. ALTRO - Prodotto (Love boat) 2004
06. LIARS - Drum's not dead (Mute) 2006
07. NEW ORDER - Substance (Factory) 1987
08. STEREOLAB - Mars Audiac Quintet (Elektra) 1994
09. MY BLOODY VALENTINE - Loveless (Creation) 1991
10. THE RADIO DEPT - Pet grief (Labrador) 2006

Net music artists:


03. IRĂ²I


01. MY BLOODY VALENTINE, Manchester, Apollo, 28,29/06
02. FUCK BUTTONS, Milano, Magnolia, 20/05
03. MASSIMO VOLUME, Reggio Emilia, Maffia, 23/10
04. MAHJONGG, Genova, Buridda, 10/10
05. ALTRO, Bologna, Atlantide, 22/06
06. A SILVER MT. ZION, Bologna, Covo, 24/10
07. NOTWIST, Torino, Spaziale festival, 16/07
08. STYROFOAM, Bologna, Covo, 03/10
09. LIARS, Torino, Hiroshima mon amour, 25/10
10. NODE FESTIVAL, Modena, Galleria civica, 06,07/06


Without you I'm napping

Hey dudes!
here the first post of our new blog.
From these pages we will keep you updated with our news.

The first one is that our e.p. "Without you I'm napping" has just released
in the #150 hand numbered copies version.
Recorded in Genova by Blown Paper Bags' drummer Martino Sarolli, mixed by us with Martino and mastered by Martino and Emilio Pozzolini from Port-Royal.

The cdr tracklist is:
01. Chlorine blue
02. Cannibalism next door
03. Part-time assholes

These songs I guess are totally representing our current mood
and our need to flow from melodies and beats to abstract ambient guitar soundscapes.
The e.p. will be also released in the box set "Fields of Mars" by Cydonia Records.
Stay tuned, if you want a copy look out at japanesegum.net.