So, was only J.W. Bush responsability?

Hi readers,

I'm quite bewildered... I cannot understand many things from the last meeting in Poznan about world'climatic situation... Our handsome prime mininster Silvio Berlusconi said that finally, all the members of UE have what they want, an agreement that all the states inside the community wanted from long time. He talked about the main role that the Italian government had during the the meeting. Well yeah, finally it will be a reduction of the 20% of the gas emission up to 2020. Whoa, that's amazing. I'm in love with the charme of Silvio. But I'm askin' to myself a couple of things: why during the Bush' emperor all these kind of agreement were not taken in consideration? Why our beautiful anchor man totally in line with George W. Bush, decided only now to take strict positions about the world'climatic situation? Well I really cannot understand what's changed in few months... Perhaps was only the evil and the power of George that was driving all the human thoughts! Poor other countries! I'm still reluctant to admit it. It was simply the easiest way to take. And now with the new president Obama, all the world will have a change just because he begun to talk about climate. We are poor sheeps, that's it. And it's really sad!

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