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I've been always convinced that in Genoa (northern italy) there's something big, a sort of invisible engine driving the destiny of music inspiration along heterogeneous roads, at the same time very similar. This common denominator has name Passion. - Without you I’m Napping is the genoa two-piece band's second move over the crowded chessboard of european indietronic music, and this time it looks like a checkmate is possible with just a few moves. Precisely, three, as many as the songs included in their new ep, released as free download with Donate option on their website, else as limited numbered edition (150 pieces). The three tunes are like oneiric suites, ethereal, balancing rarefied echoes, ambients, intense drones and shoegazing guitar play. Chlorine Blueis the first track, away from being meant as an intro, it goes straight to the point when the guitars explode putting into a frame a rythmic and vocal enchanting puzzle. Cannibalism Next Door shines strong of its dreamy acid, and Part-Time Assholes is the instumental track that puts an end to this work, somehow going along with aesthetic rules dear to their fellow citizens Port-Royal. Something really brief, yet it's perfect for several listenings, - maybe a prelude for a new and more feeded release to come.

Spider Hill

An Italian duo combining ghostly drum machine breakbeats, swirls of ambience and reverb-drenched Constellation-style guitar lines, Japanese Gum offer nothing much to surprise your average fan of the artier side of rock, but plenty to keep them interested.
‘Chlorine Blue’ is the best track on offer here, starting off as a somnambulant Piano Magic lilt emerging through a synthy brume, then halfway through kicking into a piercingly-high end onslaught, like A Place To Bury Strangers if they were beard-stroking post-rockers rather than goth doomsters.
‘Part-Time Assholes’ too is rather lovely, combining mournful guitars with understated electronic beats, and suggesting something like what Flying Saucer Attack might have sounded like if they’d ended up on Anticon in 2005.
The EP as a whole, though, suffers slightly from the combined effect of its apparently lo-fi origins, some anaemic snare sounds, and the miasmal washes of feedback that cover much of its running time, lending the overall feel that it’s perhaps a work in progress or a demo rather than the finished article. Most evident on ‘Cannibalism Next Door’, it crucially robs the recordings of some of their punch and sense of focus, when they’d kick much harder with a better mix. Part of me wants to hear a souped-up, mega-studio Trent Reznor version of the same songs to see how they hold up with some crystal-clear industrial crunch behind the instruments. Far better than Nine Inch Nails would with a home recording setup and only the songs to rely on, I’ll warrant.


Difficile riuscire a raggiungere un'idea definitiva che descriva ragionevolmente i genovesi Japanese Gum. Giunti al secondo mini affidano interamente a 'Without You I'm Napping' il compito di infilarsi lentamente nelle orecchie, cancellando ogni impressione di 'do it yourself pop' e indie fin troppo italiano ma soprattutto penetrando l'ascoltatore con disarmonie post elettroniche. Shoegaze disarmante, un'accumulo apparentemente casuale di un po' di tutto, tra suoni saturi e ruvidi ad altri soffusi ed emozionali alla ricerca della scomposizione totale, del ritmo, del suono, del livello melodico. Tutto sul filo della sperimentazione e delle influenze ambient e post rock, all'apparenza esitante ma intelligentemente consapevole. Purtroppo una corsa a breve termine, tre tracce per tentare di intrigare e non farsi dimenticare. E ci riescono.

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