Chorus and percs und dronanza

Yo bros,
we want to say thanks to all the folks who came to see us live during last weekend,
we really enjoyed the gigs...
we expecially say cheers to our beloved friends Tijuana and Simone who followed us around!
And of course the band we play with, Still Leven and Tempelhof, and these beautiful guys, Luca and Sergio in Parma, Giulia, Luca and Nicola in Mantova and Fausto and the gorgeaus barmen
who are all named Davide in Cunettone: nobody make sours like yours! ;)
And also Maria for let us make over her wines and beers at her place and let us sleep there.

Soon soon soon few pics will be posted after a strict censorship,
cos we are really bashful and ashamed about our vices and our bullshits.




New gigs are coming

We back on this blog, and here some new forthcoming gigs. Soon we'll upload brand new new stuff.
Stay springy,