Summer make us stakanovists!

Yo fellah,
it passed quite long time from our last post.
Cos we simply had lots of things to set...
First of all: we have finished our new stuff, "Lost in weirdness" will be released by Chew-Z at the end of this month, including remixes and featurings from some of our friends and few b-sides/early versions/and unreleased tracks by us. "Hey folks! Nevermind we are all falling down", our first full-lenght album, will be finally released, after years of sweat, pain, endless waits and cries by the japanese label Friend of mine in September. We are still looking for Eu distro, so just email us at japanesegumweb@gmail.com if you are interested. This first edition of the album, will be composed by these songs:

01. No help for the wicked (the month of the dictators)
02. Big whale
03. %
04. Sunless summer
05. Under a pale cold sky
06. Chlorine blue
07. Cluster of bees
08. Ghost/Mistake
09. Converge
10. 09
11. Raskol'Nikov
12. To erase pains - japanese bonus track only
13. Hon.e. - japanese bonus track only
14. First reminder - japanese bonus track only

Then, we worked really hard to plan our first U.K. tour, but at the moment we still don't know if it will be confirmed, because we had many problems with promoters, and at this moment only two gigs are confirmed. And if we won't be able to have another couple of gigs (all the interested promoters are welcome, write us an e-mail), we'll have to cancel the tour and prepare it for next winter.

Our song "Hon.e" will be in free download from here, available for 7 Days from now and only for 100 downloads.

Take it easy fellah,

stay [de]tuned,


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