Lost in weirdness

Yo fellah,
The label Chew-Z has just released the digital version of our "Lost in weirdness"!
Next days we'll also have physical digipack copies,
so please, if you are interested, just drop a line to us or to the label and we'll be happy to send you the stuff!
Here the tracklist and the credits of the album:

1.Intro - Africanized by Die Stadt Der Romantisch Punks
2.After All, A Grey Collapse - Japanese Gum (recorded in spring 08, mixed in winter 08)
3.Sunday, 1:00 pm - Japanese Gum – spoken word by Enrico Bosio (recorded between 06 / 09, mixed in April 09)
4.Could The English Rain (wash it away?) - Remixed by Arbdesastr
5.The Undertaker’s Tombstone - The Undertaker’s Tombstoned – dubbed by Grausamerg Eisenberg
6.Declaration Of A Permanent Absence Of Will - dueling drum machines remix by Isan
7.Could The English Rain (wash it away) ? - Remixed by Eniac
8.Cluster Of Bees (early version) - Japanese Gum (recorded and mixed in March 07)
9.And Talk Silently - alt version by Japanese Gum – vocals by Stark Vision Of The Morning, flute by Greta Liscio
10.Gonna Look In The Backroom - Japanese Gum (recorded and mixed in January 08)

This album is composed by five remixes from our “Talking.Silently e.p.” realized by some of our friends between September 08 and May 09, one alt-version we have made with featurings, and four tracks performed by us, one really brand new, a couple old ideas refreshed into new shapes and one, a demo-early version.
We decided to put in this album all stuff loved by us, with no conceptual bases but the idea of two different extended playing, that we thought could be better and surely comfortable as well played in the same record.

Mastered by Martino Sarolli and Emilio Pozzolini at the Butchery, June 2009.

Big big special thanks to Fabio (Eniac) Battistetti and everyone at Chew-Z who had the patience to wait for us for really such long time!
Then, really thanks to all the beautiful people who put their hands/mids/souls in our tracks and remixed so well: Jukka Reverberi, Simona Barbera, Greta Liscio, Fabio Battistetti again, Antony Ryan and Robin Saville, Enrico Bosio, Paolo Campagnola

Soon we'll keep you posted about winter'gigs!

On friday we'll play in Marseille with the norvegian Mindy Misty vs. Europ Europ,
and still with them, next monday in Genoa!
Check our myspace page for more details!

Take it easy,


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