Spring updates

Yo buddies, here we are back. Some exciting news for you. First of all, we played two gigs with Giovanni Stimamiglio from CRTVTR, the first live real drummer ever for us! This was a bliss, and I guess I can say that in the future we'll be together and he will be the third member of the band for live shows. The second thing is that we are almost ready to announce our European tour with CRTVTR that will begin in September. We'll play in several countries, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Germany and Norway (w/Mindy Misty) are the ones confirmed at the moment. if you are interested to make us play in your city, we still have some days off, so feel free to drop a line to booking@disorderdrama.org and ask about. Other stuff: Japanese Gum featuring Blown Paper Bags made a cover of the song "Dividing Opinions" originally by the Italian band Giardini di MirĂ² and it takes part of the cover album "Altri Giardini" with lots of other really cool bands. You can listen to our version here. The last news are about our new stuff: the new e.p. is almost ready, and will be released in 200 3" cdr numbered copies, hand crafted and packaged with a sweet bed sheet handly painted. If you wanna book some, drop a line to japanesegumweb@gmail.com. And also, the new full-lenght is in the middle of the making of! We hope to finish the recordings in July. Cheers fellah, d.