Vuvuzela is the new drone music

Hi bros and sis. So happy to hear all these vuvuzelas during the South Africa World Championship! It's really awe to have a drone soundscape as soundtrack of the football matches! Btw, here I am to announce that our new e.p. will be out next september! It will be called: "The end of of a summer e.p.", it will be composed by four tracks plus an intro titled: "All mosquitos must die", "In the shadow of a hood", "Negatives of unborn photographs", "Glasgow dried my heart" and "Plants". You will have some bitchy previews before the release date (10/09?). As I wrote in the last post, there will be a physical version on cdr 3" and also a digital one. Next steps for us are finish our new full-lenght and also announce our incoming "Good morning fall" tour. Keep your eyes and ears wide open,